Discover Yourself

You are Theo, a young witch-in-training. Armed with a single minor arcana suit, you are tasked with exploring the Witch Nation to complete your Tarot deck and discover your personal expression of magic. Use your deck to duel witches in spirit duels, perform readings, make friends, and complete your own Fool’s Journey.

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Also available on  Steam

"This game has a fun, deep turn based combat system with a fun Tarot card twist."

bucko12512  (Steam)

"“Pokemon but with a cool witch society”."

HeckinRobin (Steam)

"The art and music are very charming. The world feels beautifully built."

YunIsAwake (Itch)

Duel Fellow Witches

Use your Tarot cards to affect the tide of battle! Minor arcana provide status effects, buffs, debuffs, and terrain effects. Change forms using Major arcana to unlock new moves!

Read the Future

Look past the veil! Perform divinatory readings on non-playable characters to help them find clarity. Who knows? Perhaps they can even aid you along your journey. . .

Harness the Four Elements

Focus on your thoughts, actions, emotions, and the world around you to unlock the power of air, fire, water, or earth!

Chill out to the 8-bit lofi soundtrack

Composer Tad Miller used alchemy to fuse together chiptunes and lofi (low-fidelity). The 15 track OST is available on bandcamp and itch. Go chill and vibe!

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