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We are Daniel and Mark Totten, proud husbands and puppy fathers of Appa, our corgi-Shepard mix. Together we’re Appa’s Papas, an indie game husband duo. Based in central Pennsylvania, USA, we are dedicated to developing casual, inclusive video games.

  • Available for Windows and Mac

  • Est Release Price: $14.99

  • Est Release Date: May 25, 2022

Available Outlets

Chill out to the 8bit lofi soundtrack

Composer Tad Miller used alchemy to fuse together chiptunes and lofi (low-fidelity). The 15 track OST is available on bandcamp and itch. Go chill and vibe!

Discover Yourself

You are Theo, a young witch-in-training. Armed with a single minor arcana suit, you are tasked with exploring the Witch Nation to complete your Tarot deck and discover your personal expression of magic. Use your deck to duel witches in spirit duels, perform readings, make friends / frenemies, and complete your own Fool’s Journey.

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About Us

Hello! My name is Daniel Totten, 1/2 of the husband duo behind Appa’s Papas. I originally was on path to be a college professor - getting my PhD in molecular biology and biochemistry from the University of Pittsburgh in 2017 - before I became disillusioned with academia and burnt out. After teaching myself coding during my post-doctoral training, I decided to change careers and become a indie developer. Appa’s Papas is dedicated to creating non-violent, casual games with stories that emphasize mental health and personal empowerment. We want to promote diversity and inclusion in our games - e.g., being queer, we strive to include various identities and sexualities as normal occurrences. We are excited to use our experiences to build hopeful and positive worlds.


  • Design / Programming / Art / Marketing: Daniel Totten

  • Character Art / Design: Mark Totten

  • Music: Tad Miller


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